Rogers Wireless $75 10GB Infinite Mobile plan is it worth it?

Rogers wireless and Bell are offering new infinite wireless plans starting at $75 for 10GB of data and $95 for 20GB and the last one $125 for 50GB of data but is it worth it?.

The mobile plans will allow you to use the data at full speed but when you reach your limit of 10,20 or 50GB of data your data speed will be reduced to 256 kilobits per second (for both upload and download) till your next billing cycle.

The 256 kilobits per second is little bit higher than 3G’s speed at only 144Kbps so if you think that this can work for you and if you think that this is a good plan for you you should take it before is gone.

Please NOTE that speed depends in your local area for more info contact your service provider.

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