The Mexican fencer Paola Pliego changes her nationality to that of Uzbekistan: She is accused of corruption

Maria Paola Pliego Lara, known as Paola Pliego (born September 27, 1994 in Mexico City, México) is a Mexican sabre fencer, bronze medallist at the 2015 Pan American Fencing Championships. Citing corruption of the Mexican Olympic Committee as the main reason, she will compete under the flag of Uzbekistan at the 2019 Fencing World Cup.

Mexico City, July 3 .Paola Pliego decided not to compete for Mexico anymore. The Mexican fencer is one of the cases about affected races in the Conade. She has lived a real “hell” and that’s why she made the decision to become a national athlete in the country of Uzbekistan.

She said her goodbyes via twitter.

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